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The history of the Japanese Spitz is fairly short – about 50 plus years and it is widely thought that the origin of the breed is German, however there is no firm evidence to support this theory.
It seems that spitz were found among rescue cargo from Canada during the great earthquake in Tokyo 1923. according to records their heights were 40/42 cms, so it seems these spitz must have been the American Eskimo.

According to records in Japan the first Spitz arrived in 1918/19 from America, Canada, China and Australia and became the basis of the Japanese Spitz as we know it today. Owing to the disorder after the second World War missing documents make the establishme169nt of the breed difficult. At this time Japanese imports would not have been eligible for registration with our Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club on July 5th 1977 approved the registration of the first two Japanese Spitz imported in from Sweden.

In 1980 the inaugural meeting of The Japanese Spitz Club was held. The Kennel Club gave final approval for registration of The Japanese Spitz Club on January 22nd 1081.

The club held it’s first Open Show in 1982 within the Southern Counties Championship Show. The Japanese Spitz held it’s first Championship Show in 1988.165

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